Thursday, September 1, 2016

Worth Reading - September 1, 2016

CGP Gray has put out a video explaining, in part, where traffic jams come from. I want to quibble with the details/solutions, but *shrug*. 

Patrick Brown flip-flopped, sort of, on sex education in Ontario. I wrote about this on Tuesday, but it's worth checking out this summary article.

Patrick Klepek writes about the backlash against No Man's Sky following its release

Strong Towns take a look at suburban poverty through the case study of Lehigh Acres, Florida

Edward Keenan questions how long Mayor Tory can continue to sit in the middle of every Toronto issue

Polls close in minutes for the by-election in Scarborough-Rouge River. Earl Washburn lays out the background here

Peel District School Board will be implementing gender-neutral washrooms in its high schools starting this school year. 

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