Thursday, February 18, 2016

Worth Reading - February 18, 2016

A bit of a shorter list, but some very juicy items in here. 

According to Oliver Moore's reporting Toronto will need the Smart Track plan and the Downtown Relief Line to prevent the system from overloading in 30 years

Related, planners in Toronto want feedback on a string of projects on the drawing board. The map is certainly exciting to look at, and I am compelled to wonder if any of it will ever come to pass.

Manitoba provincial politics is real complicated at the moment. Much like British Columbia Premier Gordon Campbell, Premier Selinger of the NDP introduced a sales tax without properly campaigning on it and caused much strife in the NDP. The opposition Conservatives and Liberals may reap the benefits of the internal divisions

Shutting out critics is no way to win friends. Premier Notley's office in Alberta tried to ban the Rebel, a conservative media enterprise. 

In the Toronto Star, an open letter calling on New Democrats to support Tom Mulcair as leader of the NDP. 

About a week ago I purchased the video game The Witness and it is fair to say that I am a bit obsessed. Here is one of the artists from the project sharing the work behind it. It is a beautiful game. 

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