Thursday, January 7, 2016

Worth Reading - January 7, 2016

City Planners in Vaughan are tackling the monumental task of building a downtown from suburban roots. Transit is the backbone of this project.

Here is an article talking about how communities can invest in themselves without gentrifying

A writer in Forbes asks, should we abandon struggling cities

I referenced this article in my Tuesday post. In it the author explores the sad reality that being a creative person on the internet hardly pays the bills, even if quite successful. He have a history of 'starving artists' but perhaps this is something new given the accessibility and mass use of 'art'.

Before the end of the year Paul Wells wrote a piece on the troubles of electoral reform

Here is Susan Delacourt's year-article. Her take away, politicians and parties need to remain humble

I like this article about Canada's generosity towards the Syrian refugee crisis. I think there has been a lot of backpatting, and perspective is badly needed.

The Brampton Guardian put together its top 10 stories of 2015. It has been a hell of a year. 

The Toronto Star's San Grewal checks in with Mississauga's city government as we move into 2016. 

Finally, does Tom Mulcair play Call of Duty

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