Thursday, December 3, 2015

Worth Reading - December 3, 2015

I found myself nodding a lot reading this editorial in the Brampton Guardian. The author is a little heavy on the importance of the LRT, but I think it was an important symbol for a revived initiative towards Brampton as a city and downtown in particular. 

Related, Forum conducted a poll in Brampton to see what residents thought of the dismissal of LRT funding. A majority disagree with Council.

I have recently had some very challenging conversations with friends about white privilege. I like this article because despite being a list it offers plenty of tangible examples of how white people have real advantages in American (but also our) society. 

In this piece by Desmond Cole, Cheri DiNovo (ONDP - Parkdale-High Park) offers some stern criticism for the federal NDP. Cynically, I have to wonder, would DiNovo have the same criticism if the NDP was swept into power?

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau offered a lovely toast to Queen Elizabeth II, check it out

Kady O'Malley in her rigorous dedication to Parliament wrote a handy guide for the new parliamentarians. I suppose it is helpful to onlookers too.

Sean Marshall offers some insights into where the GO Transit network has significant gaps

Speaking of transit, Mayor John Tory has proposed a 0.5% property tax increase to pay for transit and housing. Cue the anti-tax brigade. Heaven forbid Toronto build critically needed infrastructure.

The Ontario Government has moved to align the provincial ridings with the federal ridings. This will increase the number of MPPs to 122

Finally Prime Minister Trudeau has announced his government's parliamentary secretaries. A casual look makes it look like a lot of these secretaries will come from Ontario. 

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