Thursday, November 6, 2014

Worth Reading – November 6, 2014

European cities look quite different from their North American counterparts, until relatively recently. Trends indicate that poverty is growing in the suburbs as the urban core grows richer, reversing the status quo in this continent. This raises real problems of addressing poverty in low-density environments. 

Voting for school board trustee is painfully overlooked. A writer as Spacing suggests that it might be random.  

Though Hallowe’en is over Steve Paikin proposes a true horror story: Doug Ford as leader of the Progressive Conservative Party of Ontario. 

From the Toronto Star, the case for municipal political parties

In the Strong Towns blog Chuck Marohn advocates for dynamic height restrictions to encourage sustainable urban development. This idea received a lot of commentary so he offered a second piece responding to those ideas.

Martin Regg Cohn writes on the political football that is the outdated sex ed curriculum in Ontario. 

Jon Lorinc writes about Naheed Nenshi’s recent visit to Toronto and lessons on political leadership. 

This piece partially inspired what I wrote on Tuesday. How do progressives respond to Jian Ghomeshi’s alleged crimes? 

Again, from the Toronto Star, Tim Harper asks what distinguishes a terrorist and a murderer

Justin Ling writes on his personal experiences during the gunman’s attack on Parliament Hill. 

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