Thursday, July 10, 2014

Worth Reading - July 10, 2014

In case you missed it, Rob Ford is back in Toronto. Ivor Tossel wrote an inspired piece about the week of his return. 

The Canadian Bar Association warns that Stephen Harper’s government is upsetting the constitutional balance and damages our democracy. 

Martin Regg Cohn compares and contrasts the response of the Progressive Conservatives and the NDP in the wake of the Ontario election. It is pretty harsh for Andrea Horwath, but things do seem to be mounting against her.

Andrew Coyne proposes that corporate income taxes should be eliminated in preference to proper taxation against things like dividends and capital gains. 

Desmond Cole in Torontoist shares an amazingly candid interview with Cheri DiNovo (ONDP – Parkdale-High Park) which is referenced in Cohn’s piece above. 

My friend Simon has been writing a blog for a few months now about the American Revolution and the founding of the United States through examining important early documents. I took some time this week and read through all his work. If nothing else he is a very talented writer and I would recommend taking a look.

Politico reports that a more militant Japan may be exactly what the United States needs. 

This piece in the Guardian newspaper in the U.K. on the Labour Party could easily be talking about Canadian politics. The author discusses how the Labour Party should cast itself and how MPs need to have greater personality and independence from the party. 

Andrew Coyne again arguing for the paramount need for democratic reform

Justin Ling wrote this perspective piece on the upcoming federal election. He sets the date at May 30, 2015

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