Thursday, June 26, 2014

Worth Reading - June 26, 2014

With Ontario's provincial election behind us much of the news in the province id dealing with the fallout. Kathleen Wynne has to build her new government while the opposition looks inward to figure out what went wrong. The bloodletting is more obvious in the Tory camp where Hudak's resignation was... accelerated. Meanwhile the NDP appears divided over whether to celebrate or castigate the leadership for the party's performance on June 12th. With that said, here's what I picked out for the week:

Jon Lorinc in Spacing says that there is no better time for Kathleen Wynne (OLP - Don Valley West) to act credibly on transit than right now. A related earlier piece by Jon Lorinc on how Wynne can begin a real plan to fund the transit expansion plan. 

City Lab pumps out a lot of great articles. This week there is one on how despite the growth in the size of American metropolitan areas that commute times have remained flat. People are willing to tolerate about a 60 minute commute. The question is how much they travel and what mode rather than the time involved. 

Peter McKay (CPC - Central Nova, NS), the Justice Minister, is doing a fantastic job at embarrassing himself and the government with his string of misogynistic remarks regarding judges and the role of mothers.  

Aaron Wherry provides more fodder for my chronic depression related to our national governing body's latest session

From the Ottawa Citizen, an argument against mandatory voting. It's an idea I've advocated for, but I also see the inherent issues with it. 

Martin Regg Cohn writes about the troubles facing Kathleen Wynne's new cabinet. It is certainly a daunting mandate. 

Kathleen Wynne unveiled her new cabinet

Steve Paikin lays out how he thinks the Ontario Liberals managed to win this election. 

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