Thursday, December 26, 2013

Worth Reading – December 26, 2013

My last Worth Reading for 2013 is a tad bare. As I hope most of my readers, I have been spending time with friends and family and not immersing myself in the world of politics, government, policy, and my other general interests. I got three books for Christmas that I will hope to review in 2014, Shopping for Votes, The Longer I’m Prime Minister and Paikin and the Premiers.

Andrew Coyne writes great satire, here is a fictional interview between himself and Prime Minister Stephen Harper

One of the early defining points in Ontario 2014 political landscape will be two by-elections in Thornhill and Niagara Falls. The Liberals have their candidates, so an election will likely follow shortly. 

A big story in 2014 will be the Ontario municipal elections. Rob Ford’s campaign to be returned as mayor is not the only interesting story. Mississauga and Brampton’s municipal elections are sure to be interesting. Nominations open January 2, and the vote will be held in October. 

The Progressive Conservatives of Ontario announced their plans for transit, were they to form government. In my opinion, it is a foolish and misleading plan. Ontario’s public service is one of the smallest per capita and is far less wasteful than the public and conservatives would have you believe.

Chantal Hébert says that Mulcair and the NDP needs to target Ontario rather than Justin Trudeau and the Liberals. Fascinating point, and makes a strong argument for NDP offensive for seats, rather than fighting in the polls.

My family have heard loud booms and have worried of greater damage to our home/neighbourhood. Turns out it was a strange phenomenon called frost quakes

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