Thursday, October 10, 2013

Worth Reading – October, 10, 2013

Francis Fukuyama wrote this week on the American government shutdown. Fukuyama, famous for his book The End of History points to the American constitution as the cause of the crisis.

On the other hand, Alison Loat of Samara Canada writes why a shutdown like the one in the U.S. is virtually impossible here in Canada. It’s a real “nuts and bolts” piece about comparing constitutions and how our system works (or doesn’t).

TVO’s Steve Paikin handicaps the race for Toronto’s mayoralty, and raises the question whether or not John Tory should seek the job. Paikin offers some interesting point, but I have serious doubts a candidate like Tory could cut through the noise of the 2014 election.

The Toronto Star had an editorial supporting a ranked ballot for the next mayoral election. This is an issue I have been thinking about a lot up here in the NWT because territorial elections mirror Ontario’s municipal elections.

The final boundaries for Ontario (and I believe the rest of Canada) are in. The maps and reports are available here. I haven’t had time to nerdily pour over every detail, but this definitely will shift our political landscape.

Devolution is a big story in the Canadian North. Devolution means the transfer of powers, authorities and responsibilities from the federal government down to the territories. This story from the CBC suggests that devolution may boost employment

The Cook Political Report offers a fascinating case study and analysis of the American political system.  It uses the example of the North Carolina 11th Congressional District to illustrate a serious issue. A conservative Democrat was redistricted out and replaced by a moneyed Republican who is much more conservative. Many of the Republican congressmen are inexperienced politicians due to similar trends.

I have dozens of links in my “Worth Reading List”. Hopefully the long weekend gives me time to read and purge them. Happy Thanksgiving!

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