Thursday, September 26, 2013

Worth Reading – September 26, 2013

Here are nine articles that have recently caught my attention.

I do not at all agree with the headline of this article. Maybe one day it’ll be borne out to be true, but in the interim it seems silly and counterproductive. From Probe International, smart roads could make mass transit obsolete. Pfft.

Still on transit, Atlantic Cities showcases the future of buses. Yes, I know buses aren’t cool, but I like transit stories.

Last transit article for the week, promise. An article explores the idea of fareless bus transit and the impact it might have on London, England. 

Fact: The British Columbia Legislature sits 36 of 579 days. How healthy is our democracy?

Another story of the central party and leadership interfering with a nomination contest. Diana Burke of Toronto is charging that irregularities blocked her from winning the nomination in Toronto Centre’s Liberal nomination. 

The National Post’s Steve Murray satirizes the Quebec Values Charter with other things that may be banned under its proscriptions

A reality check to parliamentary democracy romantics like me, Stephen Harper may be a control freak, but it is very unlikely that Prime Minister Trudeau or Prime Minister Mulcair would be substantially different. 

Martin Regg Cohn in the Toronto Star highlights how the bungling of the subway portfolio will only cost Ontarians more money, and more time and leave the GTHA with poorer transit in the interim. 

Interesting article, and definitely applicable to my life experience and current home. Children with a more diverse circle of friends feel safer in life

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