Thursday, July 25, 2013

Worth Reading – July 25, 2013

Short list of reads this week. My efforts to get ready for my move is taking up A LOT of my mental and physical energy. I hope this satisfies.

The good folks at Spacing have been doing a great job at covering the debacle over the Scarborough subway/LRT. From this piece, my favourite line is, “When political scientists and other orders of government accuse municipalities of immaturity, this is precisely what they’re talking about.”  

Also from Spacing, Jon Lorinc discusses how the funding feud between the province and the city is a distraction because the federal government will not chip in at this stage

Streetfilms had this interesting little video about Charles Marohn and his initiative called Strong Towns. I’m working on learning more about this group.

The City of Detroit declared bankruptcy last week. The urbanist press has been abuzz about the implications. Aaron Renn offers his take

Steve Paikin of TVO attended a debate in Scarborough-Guildwood and the candidates left him wanting. 

From the Toronto Star, Mississauga Councillors want to know where the money for the Toronto Scarborough subway will come from, and are criticizing the neglect of 905 projects. It’s an excellent point, though I am obviously biased.

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