Thursday, June 13, 2013

Worth Reading – June 13, 2013

Kelly McParland writes in the National Post about the longevity of the Harper government. McParland suggests that Harper’s government might be in jeopardy.

Countering Kelly McParland, Chantal Hébert in the Toronto Star writes that the Senate scandal will fade from public memory by the time the next election comes around. 

Relating to my post earlier this week about leadership, Mayor Rob Ford removed that last woman from this cabinet. Canada’s largest city has no woman on its executive. Remember what I said about building coalitions?

Andrew Coyne writes about the scandals on all three levels of government and how evasion has only made things worse

John Ivison writes that a major summertime cabinet shuffle could make or break the Harper government. The question is how to rebuild the cabinet to appease the public without upset the backbenchers even worse.

Speaking of unhappy backbenchers, the Globe and Mail has a good interview with Brent Rathgeber. Here is Rathgeber’s blog post about his resignation that is referenced in the piece

Martin Regg Cohn criticizes Premier Wynne's sudden support of Senate reform.

Toronto City Council voted in favour of several reforms to its elections. Now it will be up to Queen’s Park to amend the law so these changes can be made officially.

Royson James in the Toronto Star endorses the changes discussed above in an editorial. 

The best video you’ll watch this week. CGP Gray discusses the weirdness of the American-Canadian border. 

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