Thursday, February 14, 2013

Worth Reading – February 14, 2013

Samara’s series on Redesigning Parliament continues. My pieces on citizen’s voice are now up on Samara’s blog. There has been advocacy for less party control over MPs, improving the jobs of MPs, and looking at other parliaments for lessons.

In local news Brampton’s City Council has passed a strict bylaw limiting the expansion of homes. This seems like a badly conceived bylaw, in my opinion. First, it restricts the freedom of property owners to develop their homes. Second, it seems to me that older neighbourhoods in Brampton will need to be revitalized to maintain their property values.

Polling shows that the public supports the idea of new taxes to fund public transit

I featured this piece in my blog post Tuesday. Eric Grenier from 308 puts together the numbers for the chances that backbenchers can find their way in cabinet

After several embarrassing stories surfaced about the Senate there have been greater calls to end the anachronistic chamber and abolish the Senate

If MPs want to matter in parliament they need to be courageous, argues Ibbitson. This is similar to my post on Tuesday, except I assign ambition, not fear to their motivations.

Finally, most importantly, zombies in the House of Commons. No, I’m not talking about the backbenchers.

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