Thursday, January 3, 2013

Worth Reading – January 3, 2012

Happy 2013! Keeping up with political reading over the break was difficult, but I still managed to put together a short list.

This is a great piece from the Globe and Mail that discusses the chronic shortage of affordable housing. This is not merely a discussion of low-income people unable to find homes, but the increasing difficulty confronting middle-class individuals, families, and young people. Given the stage of my life this resonated with me a great deal.

Bruce Anderson of the Globe and Mail offers some helpful tips for the federal political parties as they enter the new year. In particular Anderson continues his critique of the Conservative’s communication strategy.

Bruce Cheadle at the Winnipeg Free Press reviews the first year of the Harper majority government. Cheadle examines the government’s track record and explores whether or not it is an ideological government.

With the sclerotic structure of the U.S. federal government struggling to address fiscal management, the now infamous Nate Silver examined how the U.S. House of Representatives has become more partisan in recent decades. The shift in electoral realities is now having very substantial political outcomes.

I am not a fan of De Pape, the former Senate page who protested with the ridiculous “Stop Harper” sign at the Speech from the Throne. Colin Horgan criticizes De Pape’s remarks at a recent Idle No More rally. I think Horgan makes a fair point. The Harper majority is roughly as valid as all other majority governments in Canadian history.

Lastly, again, from the Globe and Mail reviews the political positions of the federal parties moving into 2013.

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