Thursday, November 22, 2012

Worth Reading – November 22, 2012

Another week, another batch of news articles.

Recently Mayor Rob Ford marked his second anniversary. Therefore it is officially time for the rumour mills to begin to speculate who will challenge the embattled mayor. The Agenda offers some ideas of who may run. The Toronto Star published an article with a poll which features Olivia Chow, Rob Ford and Adam Vaughan. Surprisingly, Ms. Chow beats Mr. Ford by a narrow margin.

Martin Regg Cohn has six of questions the next Premier (winner of the Liberal leadership contest) should be made to answer. I could not agree more. These questions will definitely show the next government and Premiership.

The by-election in Calgary Centre may be surprisingly close. I frankly don’t buy it.

Andrew Coyne offers some advice to how the next federal Liberal leader. The first step is to accept being a third party, at least in the medium-term. 

I am not familiar with Cap’n Transit, this article came up on my twitterfeed. The author dissects an article from the guys at Freakonomics and suggests how transit can save the environment

The Globe and Mail has an excellent piece on the video game Assassins Creed III. The treatment of history in the video game is cringe worthy, I must admit. In particular, the allegiance of Aboriginal people and the realities of the American Revolution are questionable. 

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