Thursday, October 11, 2012

Worth Reading – October 11, 2012

Chantal Hebert follows a well trodden path and discusses how the federal Liberals can remake themselves. She proposes some interesting ideas. If the economic debate between right and left is cooling down issues of how we are governed become increasingly important. Whether or not this translates to votes is another question.

This great piece in the Star examines McGuinty’s approach to tackling the budget deficit. The Premier is ignoring the advice of Don Drummond and instead of taking an exacting look at the province’s finances, he is offering a series of quick-fixes. Sadly, this might be a product more of a minority government than the Liberals’ own aversion to reform.

Justin Trudeau. The name alone is enough to make me sigh. I am the first to admit that I am not at all unbiased when it comes to the “young” MP from Papineau. Maclean’s asks a simple eight questions that they believe Mr.Trudeau must answer. I could not agree more.

Kelly McParland offers a scathing commentary on Mr. Trudeau in the National Post. 

This is a somewhat unusual piece by Alex Himelfarb. Himelfarb, former Clerk to the Privy Council, suggests that our decline in democracy may be related to the supremacy of markets. The idea is quite to the left of most of our discourse, but the central notion is intriguing. The mentality of markets has definitely entered all aspects of life, and is it possible that it has produced negative results for our body politic?

Alberta successfully redrew its boundaries so that all of them fit within a 5% range of the ideal quota. The Edmonton Journal discusses this accomplishment and its importance

Last night TVO’s The Agenda had a program dedicated to the electoral boundary changes. I must admit I was disappointed in the coverage. The discussion seemed to get confused frequently between seat distribution within Canada and seat distribution within Ontario itself. Still, it was a good conversation and worth checking out.

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