Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Second Anniversary of the Orange Tory!

On June 22, 2010 I decided to reboot my blog. Since that time I have been posting weekly ever since. The past twelve months have been very good for my blog. The audience has consistently grown and this year my post about electoral reform in Ontario received hundreds of hits within a few days. I attribute my modest success to a growing social environment for Canadian politics. The Ontario provincial, federal and NDP leadership elections helped develop interest in this blog. The politics of the Conservative majority parliament have also provided a lot of fodder for political commentators, even amateurs such as me.

As this milestone approached I began to ponder what I wanted the Orange Tory blog to look like by the time the third anniversary rolled around. One of the biggest changes was to begin writing more than once a week. A friend of mine once told me when I started this blog that the most important thing is to post regularly. By now people know that once a week on Tuesdays a fresh post is coming their way. Still, no one swings by my blog multiple times a week to see what I’m writing. It simply isn’t necessarily. With me being a Master’s student it is not plausible to go to a daily schedule. Twice a week is possible, and something I’m considering.

Another aspect I’m considering is new features. Many of my favourite blogs are not only essays. My favourite bloggers post collections of their favourite articles from the week or day, guest columns, or special themes, etc. While I want to keep my opinion/news pieces the heart of this blog I have no problem expanding what I present. Related to this, a friend of mine and I are working on a new feature presently. I cannot promise that it will come to anything at this stage, but we’ll see. I would love to hear back from people for suggestions of what they might want to see in the future.

That all being said I want to sincerely thank my readers. It is incredibly rewarding to know that people have been enjoying and gaining something from the work I do here. It definitely encourages me to keep up the process.

Thanks again, and I look forward to the next year and all it may bring.

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