Tuesday, June 21, 2011

First Orange Tory Anniversary!

On June 22, 2010 I revived my blog, the Orange Tory. I’m not sure there was a better 12-month period to begin the creative exercise in posting my opinion and views on important local, national and international issues. The difference between blogging and writing in a journal is feedback and contributions from readers. It has truly surprised me the growth in readership of this blog. I appreciate the comments, questions and ideas I’ve received from those who read, and I deeply value those who visit this site.

I have been proud to give my point of view on elections from the United States, Canada, and local ones in Ontario, education policy, urban policy, transportation, international issues and my constant touchstone – democratic reform. I believe that I have laid out a strong set of values and ideas that put principles ahead of politics. Despite my disposition for some political parties I have not hesitated to criticize those who supposedly lead my political parties, claim to represent me, or share my ideals.

In the coming year the Orange Tory will focus on upcoming provincial elections, most importantly the 2011 Ontario provincial election. As a NDP voter in 2011, and a Canadian citizen, I’ll be keeping a close eye on the performance of our new Loyal Opposition in Ottawa. More importantly now that the Conservatives have gained a majority government it is critical for us to be aware and put pressure on the government to do what we want.

I’d like to say more about what I will be writing about in the next twelve months, but I could never have predicted this past year, let alone the next one. Since I restarted this blog we’ve seen riots in Toronto and Vancouver, Obama’s Democrats lose control of the Congress to Republicans, how education policy is affecting our lives and some interesting reforms, the Middle East as fragmented and exploded in revolution, the economy has staggered back to its feet, but the future is unclear and we’ve seen a radical shift in Canadian politics in the last couple months.

As the expression goes, “May you live in interesting times,” and that we certainly do. Thanks again to my readers, and I look forward to the next twelve months!

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