Saturday, September 27, 2008

Starting Up

I suppose the first thing that is most important is to define the scope of the blog and the blogger. I am a university student in Ontario and I have an interest in politics. My political views have never lined up with a political party, but I find that the best way to describe myself is that I am an Orange Tory. Like all people I have views that are both left-wing and right-wing. In the past I've voted and worked for the NDP in political campaigns. That being said, I don't accept the NDP policies as being sacrosanct, in fact I think they can be very out of touch. I believe the Liberals are power hungry and without a strong moral compass. The Conservatives aren't quite where I am. I am a federalist social democrat with moderate tendencies.

That's where I got the name from, Orange Tory, a spin on the term Red Tory, or Blue Liberal.

I will be writing commentaries, and reactions to news and of course my favourite, predictions. I also will give my views and opinions on social issues, and events. I had a blog before, but I found that I limited myself too much to just the political. I think I will use this as a vehicle to express opinions I have about anything and everything. Less CBC's The National, and more Rick Mercer's Rants.


Christian Conservative said...

HEY!!! You stole the nickname I came up with for my little sister!!! (back in 2007) LOL

SJL said...

Well, I suppose nothing is 100% original.