Thursday, September 3, 2015

Worth Reading - September 3, 2015

The Mayor of Brampton has called for a referendum on the Hurontario-Main LRT issue. This would only be the second referendum in Brampton's history. 

Related, from the Globe and Mail, time is running out for Brampton to make a decision on the LRT

Kyle Seeback, Conservative candidate for Brampton South (my riding), released a letter against Ontario's sex-ed curriculum and questioned the validity of transgender people. Full disclosure, I am working on a campaign to unseat Mr. Seeback.

I am in favour of the new sex-ed curriculum. I understand many are hesitant. Here is the Toronto Star's pro editorial for more context. 

Maclean's magazine wrote out the plans for out the parties can win in October

A number of campaigns are using innovative techniques to mobilize their volunteers and build leadership. Take notes!

David Akin critiques the Conservative government on his Facebook page. Akin is one of the most respected journalists covering Ottawa.

I don't normally link to Buzzfeed, but for this I'll make an exception. Tonight on CBC's Power and Politics host Rosemary Barton took the Minister for Immigration to task. Enjoy.

A beautiful Cree woman from Alberta won the Mrs Universe pageant. She then immediately used her platform to criticize Stephen Harper's government's lack of action on Indigenous issues. Gotta love it.

I love the writing on Granola Shotgun, here the author takes a look at a Kentucky town that shows that good urbanism doesn't have to be new and found on the coasts. 

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